Jan. 14th, 2013

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10 things that make me happy...
my bed, poutine, cute animals, hanging out with friends, getting ready for a night out, shopping, the font verdana, iced chai latte, being organized, and feeling like i'm loved.

10 places that I would like to visit…
places that i have been to and would love to visit again (4):
tokyo (japan), seoul (korea), taipei (taiwan), and montreal (canada).
places that i have never been to and would love to visit (6):
berlin (germany), sydney (australia), paris (france), rome (italy), london (england), and amsterdam (netherlands).

10 people that I would love to meet…
kim jaejoong, park yoochun, kim junsu, shim changmin, jung yunho, tom hiddleston, steven yeun, sun yang, davidsocomedy, and xiumin.

10 qualities that I like about myself…
always extremely detailed in whatever task i do, hardworking, friendly, empathetic, always tries to see things from the other person's point of view, not scared to stand up for myself or for my friends, funny (at times), polite, never holds grudges, and compassionate.

10 things that I need to improve on...
procrastinate less, punctuality, patience, be less sensitive, focus more on studies, exercise more, be more outgoing, stop caring about what others think about me, confidence, and eat healthier.
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sometimes, all i really want to do is do nothing with you all day long. ♡

(but sometimes, sometimes you really drive me insane. it makes me want to stab you in the face all. day. long.)
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you trust me not to break your heart but i don't even really trust myself.


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